Janet and Amy are confused. They began a friendship when each felt a call to work in the youth ministry of their church. The relationship seemed to go very deep very quickly. Recently, each admitted to having “strange” feelings of physical attraction. They have confessed to their pastor, but the feelings seem to be getting stronger.

We understand the unique demands that arise for pastors, counselors, and other Christian lay-leaders when it comes to helping those with habitual sexual sin struggles or same-sex attraction issues. We believe in the work of the local church and are passionately committed to equipping Pastors with resources they can use to help address two of the most critical issues facing the church today - homosexuality and pornography.

You want to shepherd those in your care, but your time and resources are not unlimited. Set Free offers you help in ministering to those in need.

And, when the pastor or leader is the one in need of help overcoming sexual sin or brokenness in his or her own life, Set Free is available for confidential, compassionate, and effective help and support.