Troubled marriage gets a second chance.

When I first came to Set Free, I believed my husband (Jeff) was the reason for my struggles. After 18 years of marriage, we were on the verge of separation. We were roommates living under one roof, with very little emotional, spiritual, or physical intimacy. Years before coming to Living Waters, I had discovered pornography on our computer. I was devastated. I was angry. I knew my husband was broken, but I refused to admit I was too. When we first got married, Jeff seemed to fill the huge void in my heart. But when two broken individuals come together in marriage, they’re set on a course for disaster. And that’s where we found ourselves when we came to Set Free.

We entered Set Free’s Living Waters program together. I found profound healing. However, the process was different for Jeff. Things continued to deteriorate at home until we eventually decided to separate. My heart was broken, but I knew Jeff was not free. And so, he left. After three weeks away from the house, Jeff came to me. He said God had revealed the nature of his heart, how it was closed toward me. He realized pornography had robbed him of true intimacy with God and with me. He broke down crying and asked for my forgiveness for the twenty years he had taken from me. At that very moment, something in my spirit was released. I could literally FEEL the wall between us come crumbling down. We held each other and just cried. Then he called our boys into the room and asked them to sit in his lap. He said, “Boys, I need to ask you to forgive me. I have not been the husband that Mommy has needed me to be, or a good father to you. I’ve really messed up, and I want to do a better job. I’m asking you to give me a second chance.” Both of the boys started crying, told him they forgave him, and hugged him. Our miracle goes on as our love grows and Jeff seeks out true intimacy with the Father and with me.

I am so thankful for Set Free and the team of people who serve faithfully in this ministry. Set Free doesn’t just touch the lives of the participants in the programs; its reach extends far beyond to families and others who are in crisis situations. I’ve referred friends to this ministry, but even more, I’ve been able to take what I have learned and help others become free! My lifelong dream of worshipping God through music was fulfilled with the recording of my CD, “Surrender.” When we truly surrender to His will, He sets us free!  Contact Set Free if you would like to order the CD!

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