Empowered to stand up straight in the power of the Cross, confront my deceptions, destroy my idols, and love rightly.

Whenever I think of Set Free Ministries, the word “transformational” comes to mind. They have played such a pivotal role in my life, and that of my family. I first had the privilege of meeting Jeanie and Lee Smith roughly 12 years ago. It was during a time when my mother, Juanita Adams, and I were working through the disintegration of our family and ministry. It was an extremely dark period filled with unanswered questions. We came to Set Free angry and bitter. Initially, I saw it as my responsibility to support my mother.  But I used that support role as a means of not confronting my own issues.   

It wasn’t until years later, when my wife and I experienced a tremendous crisis in our marriage, that the pursuit of healing no longer became an option, but an absolute necessity. The Holy Spirit would not allow me to blame anyone else for the broken condition of my spirit. God wanted to address MY issues! During the Living Water’s class, the Holy Spirit took me backwards, deconstructing me step by step. I was able to identify the roots of certain destructive mindsets and how I was giving them continual power to wreak havoc in my life. The anointed teaching, healing prayer and sweet worship that went forth penetrated my spirit in such a profound way. The fellowship ushered me from religion into a place of deeper connection with God. I began to recognize the Lord as my Father as well as the importance of being part of a healing community of believers. It blessed me even more to know that I was able to learn about God and myself in a safe, trustworthy, and loving environment.

Set Free is a ministry anointed by God to expose the deception that robs us of our true identity in Christ. The Lord used this awesome ministry team to empower me to stand up straight in the power of the Cross, confront my deceptions, destroy my idols, and love rightly. I am certainly not all that God desires me to be yet and I still have many challenges to overcome. However, Set Free has equipped me with the tools necessary to CHOOSE never to walk again in the dark, to fight the good fight, to lay hold of eternal life and WIN in the strength of the God who causes us to triumph through Jesus Christ!