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Changed and equipped to be administrators of His grace and love! 

Wendy and I learned that our daughter was living a homosexual lifestyle when she was 18. She is now 32, continues in the same lifestyle—but we love her still. The first years were difficult, full of ups and down and many times of crying out “What do we do Lord?” When we first learned about this, we had no idea what to do and we did many wrong things. We were very much alone. But the Lord is faithful to provide and we were led to Set Free and met Jeanie. And in partnership with Set Free and Calvary Chapel we began the Loved Ones Group at Fredericksburg in February 2007. What a blessing this group has been! We are no longer alone! We gather together with others who walk this path not to learn how to change our lost ones—but to allow the Lord to change us and equip us to be administrators of His grace and love! The Lord is transforming and equipping us as we minister one-to-another. Thank you so much to those who support the much needed ministry of Set Free!