Bill and Sue are fractured. They were full of newlywed bliss. But their perfect world came screetching to a hault when she found him surfing pornography online.  


Millions of people view pornographic magazines, videotapes, DVDs, and Web sites each month.  What appears to be a secular problem, is also prevalent among Christians.  This addiction causes disruptions in marriages and weakens our ability to relate to others.  It can hold us in bondage to sexual sin and demand more and more “territory”. 

If your mind has become a battlefield darkened by pornography addiction, Set Free can help.

Sexual addiction is the presence of sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts that appear extreme in frequency or feel out of one's control. It is slavery to various sexual behaviors and fantasies. It is preoccupation with sexual lust.

A sexual addict continues in compulsive, out of control sexual behavior despite the negative and destructive consequences of that behavior.

We offer one-on-one accountability and prayer sessions for those who struggle with sexual addictions.