Freed to heal and help others.

I came to Set Free in May of 2003, broken and ready to give up. For the past year, I had battled a severe addiction to pornography. Moreover, this was not hetero-, but homosexual pornography. I was filled with shame due to this secret addiction and I did not know where to turn. My parent’s had known for some time that I was battling an unwanted attraction to the same sex. In 2001, they gave me a Set Free contact card. It sat in a desk drawer for almost two years before I finally called. Other than accepting Jesus as my Savior and asking my wife to marry me, I can honestly say that calling Set Free was the most significant and important decision of my life thus far. It has set the course for my future in ministry and changed my entire family! In August 2010, I completed my Master’s of Divinity graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. I have worked as a young adult’s pastor for the past two years. My wife continues to work as a children’s pastor. We love being married!  Yes, we have our struggles and minor arguments, but life together is absolutely wonderful! Together we plan to make a significant impact in the kingdom of God, especially ministering to those struggling with sexual and relational brokenness. God has brought me a wonderful woman, my best friend, and my partner in ministry. I am so grateful for the ministry of Set Free through which Jesus gave me the revelations necessary to move forward with freedom and life!