Mike is full of shame. He sits in his church every week, hiding a part of his life. He desperately wants to tell someone his “secret.” Yet, he has heard comments from some in his congregation that cause him to wonder how he would be treated. So he continues to struggle in isolation with homosexual fantasies.

The Bible teaches us that homosexuality is one sin among many.

We believe the scriptures to be true and authoritative in all areas of life. We believe that “all have sinned and fallen short”of His glory; and, we believe that homosexuality is clearly spoken of in the scriptures as sin, in the same way idolatry, adultery, gossip, spreading dissension, and fornication are spoken of as clearly sinful behaviors.

Without going into a long discourse, Set Free does not believe that the modern revisions of scripture that purport to endorse homosexual relationships are academically or textually sound.  (See Joe Dallas' The Gay Gospel? How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible.) 

Our God is a God of transformation and holiness.

It is important to say in this context that we believe that if the Incarnation means anything, it must mean everything! There can be no aspect of our humanity that is exempt from biblical transformation; and, biblical transformation always centers on holiness and faithfulness in the midst of earthly trials and temptations, NOT on cessation of trials and temptations. Our focus is not on changing one kind of lust for another, but on submitting our desires to our Creator/Redeemer/King! In lifelong submission to Him, we find our true identity.

In the same vein, we believe that the Cross speaks very clearly that righteousness and compassion, love and truth, are always to abide in union.

The gospel compels us to speak the truth in love.

In practical terms this means that we do not believe that there are ever biblical grounds to compromise truth; and, just as clearly there are never biblical grounds to be unkind, disrespectful, or to focus more on the sin of others than on our own sin.

We are here for those seeking help finding their true identity in Christ and pursuing healing and holiness.

Bottom line, we believe that our identity, our security, and our worth are established by God and God alone; and we share the lives and testimonies of many who have experienced healing in the area of same-sex attraction, have chosen to fight a battle (which is not a popular thing to do in our culture), and have found fulfillment, freedom, and joy in following Jesus even in hard places.