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Celebrating 10 Years of Freedom.

Sally and I came to Set Free 10 years ago. I was dealing with same sex attraction and living a double life in reaction to early childhood sexual abuse. She was dealing with the results of my revelation and her own brand of deep-seated co-dependency. Through the power of healing prayer, forgiveness and the challenge of Living Waters, Sally and I discovered a journey with our Lord toward healing. 

Set Free has provided a support system, a place for acceptance, forgiveness, and a challenge toward growth to live our real identity as God made us. Through healing experiences with Living Waters, individual counseling, retreats, conferences and continued interaction on the leadership team, we can both say that our lives are truly less conflicted and more in line with the will of our Heavenly Father. We are grateful to Set Free for almost ten years of maturity and learning.  Praise to Jesus for His grace and mercy in bringing us to this place!