Missed the recent Living Waters Regional Workshop? Good news: we've recorded the whole thing.

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Workshop topics include:

• How to Respond When a Loved One Says “I’m Gay”

• Homosexuality: Debunking the Myths (people are born gay, homosexuality is normal and natural, homosexuals can't change)

• Reaching Out to Homosexuals

• Homosexuality & the Gospel

• How Church Leaders Can Respond to Sexual Brokenness

• Sexual Addiction/
Pornography Recovery

• Emotional Dependency

• Discussions on Gender Identity Development

For over 20 years, Set Free has been helping men and women find freedom from ongoing patterns of sexual sin and relational brokenness. Let our experienced staff, help you help those in your care by speaking or teaching on issues pertaining to sexual purity and relational wholeness. Topics previously addressed by our team at church services, retreats, workshops, or trainings:

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Honorariums - Honorariums are paid to Set Free, and help towards costs of the overall ministry.  Honorariums are per speaker, per day, including travel time.  Suggested honorarium rates: 100 persons or less—$200.00; 101 to 500 persons—$500.00; 501 or more—$750.00. 

Love Offering - Whether in addition to an honorarium or in lieu of an honorarium, love offerings are always appreciated.  Again, these funds would be paid to Set Free, to help with its overall ministry efforts. 

Travel expenses - Regardless of event's location, we ask that all travel expenses be covered above the honorarium and any love offering at 45 cents per mile, round-trip, if driving.