The next Living Waters is scheduled for the Fall of 2015. For more information, contact the Set Free office.

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If you are interested in attending one of our support groups, please contact the office at 804-358-8150. Participants must agree to confidentiality and group standards, and most groups require a one-on-one appointment prior to joining.

Throughout the year, Set Free offers a variety of small groups designed to help people grow in areas of struggle, find support, and receive prayer. Current groups include:

Living Waters


Living Waters is a 20-week intensive course which addresses healing in the areas of sexual and relational brokenness from a Biblical perspective. This course was written by Andy Comiskey of Desert Stream Ministries Andy is an overcomer in the area of homosexuality; however, the principles presented are applicable to the Body of Christ as a whole.

The first priority of Living Waters is to help build a relationship with the Father as revealed through Christ Jesus. In union with Him we learn of His intentions for our sexuality and relationships, and the obstacles which hinder the attainment of those intentions.

Living Waters provides and safe and confidential setting in which to do the following:

• Embrace Jesus as the Lord and Healer of your sexuality—your advocate, not your adversary—in your commitment to freedom.

This involves the two-fold task of learning to receive His love and power, as well as learning how to stand and assert your authority in Him.

• Understand the roots of your sexual and relational struggles.
• Turn from, and renounce, sinful and destructive expressions of your sexual and relational struggle.
• Walk out this healing by developing whole relationships with both men and women within the Body of Christ.

For further information call Set Free Ministries at (804) 358-8150, or download an application form on the left.


These support groups are for men and women who struggle with same sex attraction at any level. The format changes, but the content is always applicable and includes a time for sharing, discussion and prayer.

Meets the second and fourth Monday of every month.

Beating Addictions

This bi-monthly group meets the second and fourth Monday of every month to offer support to men who are looking to break free from the grip of pornography and addictive behavior.

Meets the second and fourth Monday of every month.

Loved Ones

A group for family and friends of anyone struggling with same-sex attractions or is embracing homosexuality.  Encourages members by showing them how to extend compassion, respect, and grace to the person they love who is struggling without compromising their core values.

Loved Ones groups meet in the Richmond and Fredricksburg areas. 

Other groups offered at other times

-Men Pursuing Purity
-Safe People